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QuickMatch Game

CLI multiplayer game on a single console.



QuickMatch is multiplayer card game played on a single console. The number of player ranges from 2 to 4 players.


Each player is given a set of five cards. The remaining cards are kept in a pile at the center. The player can either draw a card from the pile of cards or pick a discarded card, which is thrown by another player. The first player to collect five cards of the same suite wins the game.

How to play

Firstly, the number of players is accepted and the name of each player is entered. The player whose name is entered first gets the first chance. Other players get the chance in the sequence in which their names were entered. The first player needs to pick the topmost card from the pile. The card picked by the player gets added to his/her card collection. When a new card is added in the player’s card collection, the total number of cards in the collection exceeds five. Therefore, the player needs to discard a card from his/her collection so that the other players can have the chance to pick the card. After the first player discards the card, the next player gets the chance to pick the discarded card. The first player having five cards of the same suit after his turn wins the game. There is a draw when no player wins and the pile is emptied.

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